DIY Lavender bouquet wall décor

Spring is in the air! I absolutely love Spring because it represents new beginnings. Flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent Spring. Let's refresh our home with some flowery décor this year! I adore Lavender flowers, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. Instead of using fresh Lavender flowers to decorate our home, I can... Continue Reading →

Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 3

Thinking about getting an AeroGarden? Have you read my other 2 posts about the AeroGarden (Farm Plus and Harvest)? Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 1Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 2 Or maybe you already own an AeroGarden or two, and still enjoy growing all kinds of veggies? Want even more fresh produce directly from plants... Continue Reading →

Homemade hamburger buns using a bread maker

Growing up in Hong Kong, hamburgers were always linked to fast food. I only thought of McDonald's when anyone mentioned hamburgers - homemade didn't exist. But the reality is that hamburgers can be so much more! Imagine if you had freshly baked homemade buns, freshly ground high- quality meat, and fresh home-grown veggies; then your... Continue Reading →

Homemade fermented garlic paste

I love garlic! Its powerful aroma is magical. You can eat it raw to enjoy its bold and spicy flavor, or you can cook it to reveal a more subtle and sweeter flavor. Garlic can certainly elevate your favorite dishes! Garlic is native to Central Asia. It is highly nutritious, and is well known to... Continue Reading →

2-ingredient homemade vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is an essential element in baking. Open a bottle of vanilla extract (pure, not the imitation stuff), take a sniff and hmm... it's like drinkable perfume! It smells so warm and inviting, and enhances the flavors in your baked goods. What an amazing ingredient! Pure vanilla extract is expensive, because vanilla bean is... Continue Reading →

Sew quasi-quilt letters: M.U.S.I.C.

This time my quilting project was to make sound-absorbing panels for our "music room". Since our kids started learning the cello, we had to rearrange our furniture to have a dedicated area for them to practice and store their cellos. Cellos have an appealing tone, but they are much louder than guitars. And the wall... Continue Reading →

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