DIY Lavender bouquet wall décor

Spring is in the air! I absolutely love Spring because it represents new beginnings. Flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent Spring. Let's refresh our home with some flowery décor this year! I adore Lavender flowers, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. Instead of using fresh Lavender flowers to decorate our home, I can... Continue Reading →

Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 3

Thinking about getting an AeroGarden? Have you read my other 2 posts about the AeroGarden (Farm Plus and Harvest)? Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 1Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 2 Or maybe you already own an AeroGarden or two, and still enjoy growing all kinds of veggies? Want even more fresh produce directly from plants... Continue Reading →

Homemade hamburger buns using a bread maker

Growing up in Hong Kong, hamburgers were always linked to fast food. I only thought of McDonald's when anyone mentioned hamburgers - homemade didn't exist. But the reality is that hamburgers can be so much more! Imagine if you had freshly baked homemade buns, freshly ground high- quality meat, and fresh home-grown veggies; then your... Continue Reading →

Homemade fermented garlic paste

I love garlic! Its powerful aroma is magical. You can eat it raw to enjoy its bold and spicy flavor, or you can cook it to reveal a more subtle and sweeter flavor. Garlic can certainly elevate your favorite dishes! Garlic is native to Central Asia. It is highly nutritious, and is well known to... Continue Reading →

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