Sew quasi-quilt letters: M.U.S.I.C.

This time my quilting project was to make sound-absorbing panels for our “music room”. Since our kids started learning the cello, we had to rearrange our furniture to have a dedicated area for them to practice and store their cellos. Cellos have an appealing tone, but they are much louder than guitars. And the wall behind where they sit to practice was so bare that the echoes were ruining their beautiful cello music!

The professional sound-absorbing panels that you can buy are mostly in dull solid colors. They may look professional, but are neither inspiring nor ornate. I wanted some panels that could brighten up our walls at the same time.

My idea was 5 panels, each of which spells one letter of the word: M-U-S-I-C. But instead of just cutting out each letter, I wanted to quilt the letters to make them more interesting. I bought 3 pieces of fabric with musical themes for the letters, and 2 pieces of solid color fabric with glitter as the background.

Quilting requires some planning and math to work:

1. I first used a combination of squares and triangles to create the framework for each letter. Orange for the colorful fabric; green for the fabric with the symbol # (it’s a sharp, not hashtag!); and white for the black/white/gray fabric. It looked like I needed to cut 98 little quilt squares!

2. Since my husband is such an awesome carpenter, he was in charge of building 5 wooden frames–one for each letter of the word: M.U.S.I.C.

3. Math time! With the measurements of our wooden frame in mind, I first figured out how big each letter would be. Then, I calculated the size of each little square, and added half an inch on all 4 sizes for seams. For the triangles I just cut extra squares (same size).

4. Sewing time! I sewed the letter pieces together first before sewing the background fabric around the letter.

5. Time for help from my personal carpenter! I positioned the fabric on the freshly built wooden frame. I tightly held the fabric in position while my husband stapled it onto the frame. One letter was done, and I just had to repeat the whole process until I finished all 5 letters.

6. Finally, time to hang all the letters on the wall!

Yay, “music” wall!

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