Reusable homeschool daily checklist: Amigurumi academic subject characters + magnetic board

Learning is fun! Let’s make it even more fun with these cute little amigurumi characters!

What is amigurumi? Amigurumi is a Japanese term which refers to crocheted or knitted stuffed toys, which are usually very cute!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to homeschool our 3rd-grade daughter. This decision has brought us not only peace of mind for her health and safety, but also excitement for her new learning journey at home.

After carefully choosing the curriculum and subject materials, I needed a way to keep track of her progress. For long-term record keeping I bought a year-long planner in which I write down everything she works on for each subject every day.

But how could I teach my daughter to keep track of her daily work? Organization skills and time management are just as important as English and Math. It’s never to early to learn executive skills.

I could have her use an old fashioned paper checklist, which gets the job done, but is it inspiring or fun to do after a few days? Also, I didn’t want to print hundreds of pages just for that — I’m not trying to kill a forest just to keep her on track!

Thanks to my recent amigurumi obsession (COVID-19 induced hobby!), I came up with the idea to crochet a bunch of cute amigurumi characters to represent all the academic subjects, and hook them on a magnetic board as her homeschool daily checklist! My daughter calls it her “Do-it board”.

There are many advantages for kids to use these amigurumi characters as their daily checklist:

  • Eye-catching visual aids:
    • Knowing how many and which subjects are on the Do-it list (or you can call it To-do list).
      • Great mental preparation before the day starts.
    • Seeing how many and which subjects are on the Done list, and how many and which subjects are still on the Do-it list.
      • Promotes time management skills.
  • Motivation:
    • Moving a subject character from the Do-it list to the Done list brings a sense of closure for that subject.
    • Seeing the numbers of subject characters on the Done list grow also provides a sense of accomplishment.
    • Moving cute little amigurumi characters are way more fun than checking a box.
  • Reusable
    • No printing or buying tons of paper checklists — environmentally friendly, as well as wallet friendly!

Flexible homeschool daily schedule/ routine

One of the coolest things about homeschooling is flexibility!

We can set our own daily schedule, or have no set schedule at all! We actually fall more into the latter category. No set schedule doesn’t mean we have no plans; it just means we don’t follow a strict Monday-to-Friday time-table like traditional schools.

We have a set amount of material we plan to cover each day or each week, but there is no set “class period” for each subject every day. It all depends on how fast our daughter understands the material and how long it takes her to complete the exercises or her music practice. A strict time-table restricts the flexibility for her to learn at her own pace!

Not only do we not have a strict time-table, we also don’t have a set order to do things. Using the amigurumi subject characters fits in to our flexible method very well! My daughter just needs to move a subject character from the Do-it list to the Done list without having to worry about the order.

You can still use the amigurumi subject characters even if you have a strict time-table! Your kids will just move the subject characters in the same order every day.

9 amigurumi academic subject characters

Like most homeschoolers, my daughter studies English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. She also does Art and Physical Education.

Along with the above 6 subjects, I teach her Cantonese as her 2nd language so she can connect with her Chinese roots. With my background in music, my daughter has been exposed to music education since she was an infant. Now she is learning 2 musical instruments: piano and cello, which she practices daily.

Let me introduce you to our 9 amigurumi subject characters:

Ms. Book for English

Ms. Clock for Mathematics

Mr. Test-tube for Science

Ms. Globe for Social Studies

Mrs. Mahjong for 2nd Language — Cantonese

Ms. Treble for Piano

Mr. Bass for Cello

Mrs. Pencil for Arts

Ms. Tutu for Physical Education


Don’t know how to crochet or knit? No problem!

You can use any crafting materials and imagination to create your own academic subject characters. If your kids are into crafts, you can also involve them to create their own characters. You can even use some little toys or bookmarks — basically anything as long as the characters represent the corresponding subjects and make sense to your kids. Have fun crafting ✨

The key is to hang all the subject characters on a magnetic board with 2 distinctive sections (Do-it vs. Done) for your kids to manage their own daily assignments!

What is your kid’s favorite academic subject?

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