Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 3

Thinking about getting an AeroGarden? Have you read my other 2 posts about the AeroGarden (Farm Plus and Harvest)?

Or maybe you already own an AeroGarden or two, and still enjoy growing all kinds of veggies? Want even more fresh produce directly from plants to plates inside your own home? Are you thinking about expanding your AeroGarden family? We just did!

After having 2 AeroGardens for 9 months, we added a new member to our AeroGarden family — another AeroGarden Farm Plus. In this post I will talk about the stacking system and the new water inlet covers. I will also share my growing experience with the AeroGarden Harvest.

You can leave the 2 Farm Plus gardens separated, but stacking them vertically saves a great deal of floor space. Like skyscrapers, the 2 Farm Plus gardens can be vertically stacked together with a kit called Farm Stacking System, which is sold separately by AeroGarden. The 2 H-shaped connectors hold the 2 Farm Plus gardens together vertically while the metal clamps lock them in place.

The stacking system is not the easiest thing to put together. It even took my super handy husband a little while to finally stack the 2 Farm Plus gardens together. It was hard to align the H-shaped connectors on both sides at the same time for the clamps to work because the plastic H connectors didn’t fit perfectly. We had to switch the connectors to the opposite side for the clamps to work. And while the left clamp still doesn’t fit tightly, we feel confident that the structure is secure.

The Stacking System also comes with 2 metal brackets to securely attach your gardens to the wall. They are not the prettiest things to look at, but they do their job to secure the 2 Farm Plus gardens to the wall so they won’t tip over. Safety first! When 2 Farm Plus gardens are vertically stacked together, they are pretty tall — about 5’7″. I have to be on my tippy toes if I need to change the settings on the LCD screen of the top garden…

The new Farm Plus also comes with 2 covers to cover up the 2 water inlets (where you pour water into the water reservoir).

Without this cover, algae will easily grow around the opening because the grow lights will shine into the area.

AeroGarden came up with that cover for the new version of Farm Plus. Unfortunately, AeroGarden doesn’t sell those covers separately. People with the older version of Farm Plus will have to come up with something ourselves to cover the water inlets.

I made 2 water inlet covers with my new toy: a Cricut Maker! They don’t fit into the water inlets like those from the new version of the Farm Plus, but they do their job to block out light from entering the water inlets. You just need something that is not transparent to cover the water inlet to inhibit the algae growth. And that cover should also be waterproof (or at least water-resistant) because the bottom of the cover can get wet from water movement when the pump is on inside the water reservoir.

Now, let’s talk about the AeroGarden Harvest! It is a cute little growing machine. I have tried to grow different things with it, and concluded that the best things to grow in it are still low-growing greens, such as lettuce or Boy Choy. See the lettuces in the pictures below? They are ready to be harvested and still not even close to the light panel at its maximum height setting!

  • Remember not to let your veggies touch the light panel, which can burn them! Sometimes I forget to adjust the light panel higher, and some of my lettuce leaves were burned… Remember to check the light and water level frequently, especially when growing lettuces because they grow fast!
  • Remember when I discussed the re-growing power of plants in the AeroGarden? I just harvested this batch and waited for the lettuces to re-grow! In less than 1 month, they grew back even bigger and taller (see the picture below). Plants-to-plates can’t be any easier!

Some plants will grow straight up to the light panel, but others will find their own way to grow around the low light source. See the mint naturally curve out to give itself some extra room to grow taller!

So far my favorite things to grow in my AeroGardens are Bok Choy and Basil. Collards are also fun to grow because they can get soooo big (see the picture below!). And they are soooo much cleaner than those you can get at a grocery store!! Say goodbye to those older, yet more expensive, veggies and herbs from the grocery store…

Don’t forget to check back later for my Indoor hydroponic gardens: AeroGarden journal 4, in which I will talk about growing tomatoes in AeroGardens, using both AeroGarden’s tomato seed pods and other heirloom tomato seeds.

What do you like to grow the most in your AeroGarden?

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