DIY Lavender bouquet wall décor

Spring is in the air! I absolutely love Spring because it represents new beginnings. Flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent Spring. Let’s refresh our home with some flowery décor this year!

I adore Lavender flowers, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. Instead of using fresh Lavender flowers to decorate our home, I can only use the artificial kind. At least artificial flowers have one big advantage over the fresh ones – they can last way longer!

In the springtime, you can usually see a variety of Lavender flower décor in stores. They look pretty but often seem a bit overpriced to me. You don’t have to break the bank to have pretty Lavender flower décor for your home. Today I’m going to show you a simple and affordable way to create a beautiful Lavender bouquet to decorate your home.

All I bought for this project was a bunch of artificial Lavender flowers. You can find them at most craft stores like JoAnn, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. You may be able to find some at Wal-Mart or even Dollar stores.

The rest of the materials can easily be found at home! The brown paper is masking paper, and the sheet music was from my old music textbook. You could use paper from books, magazines, or newspapers – really any paper that you think goes with the Lavender theme!

The burlap string is just loose string that fell off a cut-up coffee bean bag, which I have used for other sewing projects. You can buy a roll of burlap string, or use any other string, yarn or thin ribbon that you like.

Got all your materials? Super! Let’s have some fun!

DIY Levander bouquet wall décor


  • A bunch of artificial Levander flowers
  • A piece of brown masking paper or construction paper (a bit thicker than your decorative paper to provide better structural support for the cone)
  • A piece of sheet music (decorative paper)
  • Burlap string, yarn, or thin ribbon


  • A pair of pinking shears (I use my daughter’s kiddie pair)
  • Glue stick (for the papers – so the papers won’t get too wet and wrinkly)
  • Glue that dries clear (for the string – I used Elmer’s school glue)


  1. Use a big round plate as a guide to draw a circle on the thicker brown paper.
  2. Use a pair of pinking shears to cut around the big circle.
  3. Use a smaller round plate as a guide to draw a circle on the sheet music.
  4. Use a pair of pinking shears to cut around the smaller circle.
  5. Position the music paper on the brown paper, with the bottom edges closer together, leaving more brown paper exposed on top.
  6. Use the glue stick to glue the sheet music onto the brown paper, flatten it out with a scrapper (or a credit card). Let the glue dry before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Once the glue has completely dried, roll up the papers with a little overlapping part in the middle. It should look kind of like an ice cream cone with a little opening at the bottom. Then glue the overlapping part together, and hold on to it for a while to make sure the papers stick together well. Make sure to let the glue dry completely before proceeding to the next step, otherwise the cone may shift or come apart easily.
  8. Gather the burlap string, and tie a bow around the dried cone. Use the clear glue to glue a small portion of the burlap string onto the back of the cone to secure the bow.
  9. If you plan to hang the bouquet, glue (clear glue) a small bundle of burlap string with a loop hanging over the cone for hanging. Let the glue dry before proceeding to the next step.
  10. Position all branches of flowers at different heights to create a more dynamic and fuller bouquet. Try a few different ways, until you are satisfied with the look, and then tie the bouquet together with a rubber band.
  11. Put your tied bouquet inside your cone. Voila! You have yourself a beautiful Lavender bouquet.
  12. Hang it up on the wall and see how it brings a little Spring to your home 🙂


  • You can use other flowers for your bouquet. The taller and narrower kind of flowers will work best with this style of the cone. Tulips would be a great choice!
  • You can also mix and match the decorative paper and flowers to fit different seasons of a year!

What is your favorite Spring flower?

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