Hi, I am Angel, wife to the most wonderful husband and mother to 2 awesome kids! Let me introduce my family members:

  • My husband Mr. W: neat and serious, loves craft coffee, whiskey, and me, a great dad
  • My son Joe: eats fast and a lot; a car enthusiast, he likes being sloppy, reading, and is a budding cellist
  • My daughter Sara: eats slowly and very little (a very picky eater!), loves anything pink and fancy, a ballerina, and talented musician

I grew up in Hong Kong, a metropolis where you can eat all kinds of delicious cuisine 24/7. My mom cooked everyday, nothing fancy, just satisfying hearty home cooked meals. I used to stand by the kitchen and talk to my mom while she cooked, and always loved the smell of her dishes. With easy access to a lot of great restaurants, and my mom’s home cooking, I never learned how to cook in Hong Kong. It wasn’t until I came to the United States for graduate school that I realized the importance of being able to cook some simple food for myself – otherwise I would have to eat junk food everyday. I can still recall many days of eating nothing but store-bought muffins!

Cooking is an art that requires passion and practice. After many years of trial-and-error, I have gradually developed confidence in the kitchen. The more I cook and bake, the more I love it. I’ve gone from making desserts with box mixes to baking macaroons and baba au rhum from scratch; from using store-bought pastas and ground meats to making my own pastas and grinding my own meats. And making food from scratch is not only fun and challenging, but also much healthier for my family. With the help of modern appliances, I can make food from scratch much easier and faster, even food I never dreamed I could make from scratch. For example, I never attempted to make bread from scratch before because it seemed too complicated and time consuming. But with a high-quality bread machine I can make fresh loaf bread for my family in a flash, and have even learned to use it to make dough for brioche and steamed pork buns!

Other than food, creating tasteful home decor and clothing are my other interests! Growing up in a consumer’s paradise like Hong Kong, where shopping, or just window shopping, is a national pastime. It doesn’t matter if you want high-end designer products or extremely cheap trinkets, you can find them in one of the millions of shops in Hong Kong. I grew up in a condo on the 22nd floor of a high-rise building right above a big mall. Shopping was such a fun and easy thing to do there. However I have not been able to shop in the United States like I did in Hong Kong. Sometimes things just can’t quite tailor to my needs and tastes. Somehow the older I get, the more I like things with personality and individuality. That’s how I grow the love to make handmade things. I sew and I knit. I have an embroidery machine that I have not yet learned to use well. I also dabble in a little jewelry making. It makes me feel so warm to see my handmade home decors at home or to see my husband and kids wearing the scarves I knitted them.

I love being a homemaker because it allows me to channel my love and creativity into food and crafts for my love ones. After being a homemaker for over a decade, I finally have some “me” time now as my son is in middle school and my daughter is in elementary school. I decided to give myself a new challenge and to learn something new. That’s why I start this blog to record my homemade food and crafts for my kids, so later when they are off to college and want a taste of home, they can follow the recipes and make their own comfort food! Also I would like to share my homemade things with everyone. I know the things I make may not be perfect or the best, but they are mine with my twist. Welcome to use my recipes and add your own twist!

To sum up, I cook, bake, sew, knit, and craft. I also play the piano and Guzheng (a Chinese zither), a twist to my homemaking life. If you hear any music in the blog, I’m playing – unless it’s cello, then it would be either my son or daughter playing.

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