DIY Lavender bouquet wall décor

Spring is in the air! I absolutely love Spring because it represents new beginnings. Flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent Spring. Let's refresh our home with some flowery décor this year! I adore Lavender flowers, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. Instead of using fresh Lavender flowers to decorate our home, I can... Continue Reading →

Sew quasi-quilt letters: M.U.S.I.C.

This time my quilting project was to make sound-absorbing panels for our "music room". Since our kids started learning the cello, we had to rearrange our furniture to have a dedicated area for them to practice and store their cellos. Cellos have an appealing tone, but they are much louder than guitars. And the wall... Continue Reading →

Sew cute quilts

My husband's grandmother was an excellent quilter. She didn't use a machine; she showed her love by hand-quilting, one stitch at a time. The quilt we always use in the summertime was made by her. We have used it since we are married, over 15 years! It's still going strong, providing warmth and love to... Continue Reading →

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