Homemade Hong Kong paper-wrapped cake 紙包蛋糕

Since moving away from my hometown, I often have strong cravings for foods from Hong Kong. These cravings are especially intense when I am sick. Last month, when I was recovering from a cold, I had a serious craving for some paper-wrapped cake 紙包蛋糕 (zi² baau¹ daan⁶ gou¹). When I was a little girl, my... Continue Reading →

Birthday cake 生日蛋糕

Growing up, I didn't get to eat desserts as often as my kids do nowadays. But, the one day I could count on having sweets would be my birthday--a longing birthday cake 生日蛋糕 (saang1 yat6 daan6 gou1). Traditionally, Chinese people don't use an oven, so desserts are cooked on the stove, steamed, or deep fried.... Continue Reading →

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