Rice cooker 電飯煲: Zojirushi NS-TSC18

Growing up in a traditional Chinese household in Hong Kong, rice, 飯 (faan6), was a staple food. We say 食飯啦 (sik6 faan6 laa1), "eat rice!", when it's time to eat. It's also common to greet people by saying 食咗飯未呀? (sik6 zo2 faan6 mei6 aa1), "ate rice yet?", instead of "how are you?". We had rice... Continue Reading →

Sew cute quilts

My husband's grandmother was an excellent quilter. She didn't use a machine; she showed her love by hand-quilting, one stitch at a time. The quilt we always use in the summertime was made by her. We have used it since we are married, over 15 years! It's still going strong, providing warmth and love to... Continue Reading →

Birthday cake 生日蛋糕

Growing up, I didn't get to eat desserts as often as my kids do nowadays. But, the one day I could count on having sweets would be my birthday--a longing birthday cake 生日蛋糕 (saang1 yat6 daan6 gou1). Traditionally, Chinese people don't use an oven, so desserts are cooked on the stove, steamed, or deep fried.... Continue Reading →

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